Change of Address

Changing your Address on your CA Driver’s License


Just moved? By law, California dictates to have your address updated on your license, vehicle registration and title certificate. You are also required to inform your insurance provider of your new address.

  1. Online application and Checklist download
  2. By mail, if eligible (see instructions below)
  3. In person at your local DMV office

If you’re moving in and out of California and you own a vehicle or a vessel, you need to update your address at the California DMV. It’s important to keep an important detail like your home address updated in your files at the DMV database. It’s where they can send your renewal notices, among other driver’s license concerns. You don’t need to go to their office to file for a change of address. In fact, you can just change your address simply by logging into the California DMV website. The process is pretty much simple and fast.

Eligibility for Online Address Change

To be qualified to an address change through the DMV website, you need to be a certified user first. By having registered motorists make user accounts, they are able to make the information available to them in a private and secure way. You can read their Privacy Statement to be sure that your information would be used properly.

To be a certified user, you must sign up as one in the California DMV website. The requirements to be a certified user include:

  • A valid California driver’s license or identification card number
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN; and
  • Valid email address

You would need these pertinent facts when you sign up as a certified user. Once you have made a user account, not only could you change your address online. You are now open to the different online services offered by the California DMV. You can also request for your driving record history or do driver’s license renewals. However, when you choose the address change option as a certified user, you can no longer go online to renew your driver’s license in California. There’s still the mail option for renewing driver’s licenses, though.

Changing Your Home Address Online

If you’re already a certified user, you are qualified to use the Change of Address system on the California DMV website. When you change your address online, you must have this following information with you:

  • Most recent registration card/s
  • Old and new addresses
  • Name of leasing company, if vehicle is leased
  • Address of trailer coach or vessel, if possible.

Another good thing about changing your address online is it’s free. There are no processing fees required.

If you don’t have any problems regarding your driver’s license, the process would be fast and easy. However, if you have issues like about replacing an address in a disabled person parking placard and other concerns, you may need to fill up a DMV 14 form and send it by mail in the address listed in the form. It usually takes three working days before an address is changed in the DMV database. However, there are no new documents that are issued with a change of address. You can change up to three addresses at a time.

Another way to change your address in your California driver’s license is to change your voter registration details. The DMV can contact the Secretary of State in case you want the update to come from your address change in the voter registration. Also, if your new address appears to be in another state or jurisdiction, you are requested to apply for a driver’s license to that place instead.

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